Dr. Lynella Grant’s Blog

Wanted to introduce you to Dr. Lynella Grant as she has a site on the topic of promoting with articles:


I’m not sure which direction Dr. Grant is going to take her project, but we welcome her to the Article Marketing discussion.

Membership Drive

Thought I’d let you know what our team is up to this weekend:

We have 680 authors who sent us articles from August 5th thru October 20th (the day we went to a membership system).

Many of these 680 authors deserve our “Platinum” level membership but we can’t grant it to them because they don’t have a membership account yet.

So, we started a membership drive to convert these 680 authors into being “members.” Here were the initial results of Friday’s email campaign:
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What’s in a Name?

We have a duplicate TITLE checker tool that we run once a week to make sure no duplicate articles slipped by us with the same TITLE name by the same AUTHOR.

(But, we do allow SAME TITLE articles by different authors.)

Out of 10K articles, we had about 25 duplicates, 14 or so that were legitimate.

ARTICLE TRIVIA: The article TITLE that was most used by 4 different authors was “What’s in a Name?”

So, as you go about creating articles for your business, perhaps you won’t use “What’s in a Name?” for your next article title. :-)

10K Friday

What a great day!

Thanks to you, we have crossed multiple milestones today:

About 6am CST this morning, we added article# 10,000 to the directory and late last night we crossed the 1 million page view level for the month to date.

Thanks for being part of the EzineArticles.com article marketing machine. :-)

Ken Envoy’s Site Sell

A half dozen new members came from the SiteSell forums, so I wanted to recognize them here.

About 2-4% of all new articles that are submitted to our directory are from websites that have the very easily recognizable look and feel of a Ken Envoy “SiteSell” look.

What is that look?

Top header with a left navigation only and 800 width (never full width). Often the left navigation is rectangular menu items that have a java hover feel to them.

I had promoted Ken’s affiliate program way back in the late 1990s and just got too busy to focus on it but today he sent me a nice SiteSell keychain and a personal note along with a commission check.

One smart thing that Ken has done is he evolved his business from small price points to larger price point products. Way to go! :-) Reminded me of this new article today.
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Garrett French

On the topic of “Article Marketing,” Garrett French has an “article marketing” blog with an SEO/Search Engineer slant to check out: http://articlemarketing.blogspot.com/

Garrett sent in this article yesterday:

The personal connection:
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rel=”nofollow” Is Coming!

In an effort to fight COMMENT SPAM, Google, Yahoo and MSN will be adhering to the new href attribute know as:


Here is its use:
Visit My Page

Why is this significant? Because it means anytime a rel=”nofollow is added to an href statement, it means the GoogleBot will NOT follow the link, thereby reducing the reward to the original owner of the link.

We’re strongly considering using this new attribute…
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Full Moon soon?

In the last week, we have had 3-4 authors come to us with passive agressive anger over another author’s works…

Most of it is petty.

Some didn’t like that others were copying their concepts or that they didn’t like the integrity of the author or they didn’t like having competition. Sheash.

None of them had a specific request other than a sly plea for us to remove their competition from EzineArticles.com. Sorry, not going to happen.

Google Suggest

As another fun tool for Authors to use is the new “GOOGLE SUGGEST” beta.

Give it a whirl:

I thought it was cool. :)

First 3 Words

Dear Authors:

If you want to get an exponential traffic explosion from your articles, the first 3 words of your TITLE determine the amount of traffic that will be sent to your article.

This is now an absolute. Call it Knight’s Law of Article Marketing 101 or what have you, but pleeeeasssee: Use some smarts when it comes to titling your article.

I recommend…
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