Think Monthly Membership

Challenge: Many dozens of authors thought our pricing strategy of $37-$50 per article submission was a good price range.

Problem: While we like helping many dozens of clients per month, we want to help thousands of new clients per month. :)

Solution: Our new membership system is designed to do 2 things:

1) Give everyone who is new to our site a “free” trial of our service. It’s our belief that if you receive economic value FIRST — you’ll immediately be able to judge for yourself the unique value that our directory offers and be open to becoming a regular monthly expert author member of our site.

2) Bring the cost per article down by encouraging authors to send in up to 2 or up to 5 articles per month, every month to get a year-round campaign to keep fresh articles in front of our 100K unique monthly visitors. Members of our high-end monthly service can opt-out at any time and are under no obligation to continue their subscription.

Watch our site for new membership details coming this week. :-)

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