Joys of New Systems

Our heads are pounding. We’re implementing a brand new front-end to our service. Think of it as a hybrid between the free article submission sites and the fee-based directories. As of today, you can now submit 1 article for free and then you’ll be able to subscribe to one of our monthly packages that will hopefully launch by Tuesday.

The goal is to open up our service so thousands of authors can experience some value from our directory before they become paying customers.

Frankly, it’s a risk and a gamble because we are losing hundreds of clients that would normally just pay us for one article to be submitted to our directory. We are gambling that once you submit your article to our directory, that you’ll receive enough economic value that a percentage of our expert authors will want to become monthly re-curring authors to add a fresh stream of their articles to our directory to help build their credibility, traffic and sales.

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