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So we opened up the directory again to (1) free article submission and the rest would be fee-based. It only took 36 hours before multiple authors would abuse our system by joining with multiple free accounts.

Know that we will be filtering out silently authors who create multiple accounts or are the “work at home get-rich type scammers.” If you operate above-the-board, you should have no problems with us.

The pseudo-authors know who they are and I don’t think they are surprised to be silently removed.

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Henrik V Blunck writes:

I can’t express how grateful I am that you are constantly focusing on keeping EzineArticles as the primary and best source for knowledge for visitors. Article spinning and spamming with trash from get-rich-quick types should indeed never make it past the editor’s desk, so thanks for keeping EzineArticles clean and effective in our article marketing efforts.

Making the effort to write just inches above everyone else should be the primary focus for any and all serious writers.

Comment provided July 20, 2016 at 1:01 AM


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