23 Testimonials

We received 23 testimonials over the past week from our call for testimonials. I had no idea of what value our site really provided others until I read the testimonials. I thought I knew, but I was wrong. Here is what I learned:

I thought authors submitted to us to increase their sales, but the number one benefit authors received from having their articles listed in the EzineArticles.com directory was the search engine benefit of being found in the top results for Google.

Apparently our site is very Google friendly and authors who struggled to get to the top of the results found that being listed with us got them that elusive result.

The 2nd highest benefit received from being listed is the credibility factor. Being “published” increases author credibility…and we all know credibility increases customer trust, which leads to more sales or more subscriptions or whatever reason the author wrote the article for.

Any comments?

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